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A journey to the mild areas of central Sicily

About MairaBio

The land on which the company stands, once cultivated by Marcello Maira's grandfather, is home to centuries-old olive groves. The passion for the land is deeply rooted in our hearts. The development of an agriculture model that enhances local crops, the short supply chain and organic production represents the company's vision, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides. In short supply chain markets and to our customers we only bring fresh products, harvested on the day and products with low environmental impact

“The roots of the future are planted with love and respect, nourishing the earth and the well-being of all”


Sustainability is one of our fundamental pillars. We are committed to controlling every aspect of production, from drip irrigation to the use of biodegradable materials for mulching. The photovoltaic system almost entirely satisfies our energy needs with clean and renewable energy. With work that respects nature, very large rotations, targeted green manures, natural and balanced conditions have been created where the flora, fauna, microclimate, sun exposure and the work of nature allow us to obtain genuine products.


“A centuries-old history of passion and dedication, immersed in the essence of an island that cultivates tradition and sustainability with pride and authenticity.”

Our products


Organic Siccagno tomato with no added sugar

€ 4.00

Spremuta di melagrana

full, pleasant taste and refreshing effect

€ 8.00

Organic extra virgin olive oil

balance between bitter and spicy, fruity and its low acidity

€ 10.00

Sweet and sour red onion cream

Organic Siccagno tomato with no added sugar

€ 6.00


Our organic extra virgin olive oil is produced by our centuries-old olive grove, it stands out for its elegance, for the balance between bitter and spicy, its medium fruitiness and its low acidity.


From the best products harvested in our lands we produce creams and purées. By processing tomatoes, however, we produce a ready-to-use sauce.


In our lands we grow different varieties of fruit, following the seasons, with which we produce juices and fruit juices. These are crops that are best suited to the climate of our area and that satisfy the requests of our customers.


In our gardens we grow a large variety of vegetables, strictly seasonal. These are crops that are best suited to the climate of our area and that satisfy the requests of our customers.

Production on demand

We are able to create a customized plan for growing vegetables and fruit, to meet the needs of our customers and ensure continuous and sustainable production


Choose the route that best suits you and write to us privately to book or personalize your experience on our farm to spend a day between nature and our reality